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Torrey Maldonado: All Interviews Are Not The Same!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All Interviews Are Not The Same!

My NBC interview was 120 seconds fast and felt like I was an Olympic sprinter, racing to a finish-line. My last two radio-internet interviews each were 45 minutes and 60 minutes and I felt like I was on the beach, strolling.

And the water was GREAT so jump in and listen.

If I said the name "Chuck Scarborough", most people get a mental image (he's been a TV news reporter for years).

The names of my other interviewers--Denise Bolds and DuEwa Frazier--may only ring a bell to some of us. While they're fast becoming household names in certain areas, these are two women that more of us should pay attention to and they're both great to listen to.

Each interviewer focuses on different issues, which made each interview different.

Here's how her radio-internet site describes one of my interviewers:
"Denise Bolds is a successful single black mother of a son who is now a junior in college. Her son is drug-free, crime-free, and baby-free. Ms. Bolds is a Medical Social Worker and parent advocate/educator".

Among other things, as a mom, Denise asked questions to get and share the keys to unlocking preteen and teen success so more boys (including fatherless boys) and girls can be winners in the long run.

Here's how the internet site describes my other interviewer:
"Poet, published author, and performance artist DuEwa Frazier began making her mark as a spoken word artist in the Summer of 1999 when she featured at the Multi-State Poetry Slam in Philadelphia, PA. Since then, DuEwa has been called ''gifted and conscious' and 'one of the illest wordsmiths breathing'!" She's also an educator.

Among other things, as an educator, DuEwa asked questions to peek into the preteen and teen perspective, our schools, and open peoples' eyes to the needs of youth and how to feed those needs.

Discover, for yourself, the treasures each woman offers. Their web sites are loaded with guaranteed fun, warm, creative, and informative conversations. You'll feel like YOU OPENED A TREASURE CHEST as you listen to their interviews of authors and other public figures.

Discover who Denise Bolds is by clicking here.

Discover who DuEwa Frazier is by clicking here.


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