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Torrey Maldonado: All Under Control?

Friday, July 30, 2010

All Under Control?

Right before my NBC interview, I phoned my family in Red Hook.

I tried a few answers on them then asked for advice about being on live TV.

"Watch the 'ums'. You say 'um' too much."

To prove I'd answer any question Chuck Scarborough threw my way without saying "um", I had my family ask me questions and I answered with no "ums". YES!

So, I enter 30 Rock, sit in front of Chuck, and he tells me, "Our intended five minutes is cut to two because of unexpected announcements". My wanting to pack everything into 120 seconds sent a rush up my spine.

How can I explain the feeling?

I have it! Imagine, you're shopping in a supermarket with a list and time to stroll and grab each item. Relaxing, right?

Now pretend you're suddenly told that you won a contest and have ONLY 120 seconds to grab as many items in a supermarket as you can. 120 seconds! Go! A very different experience. Where to go? What to grab?

That's how I felt.

Friends, family, and beyond are doing an amazing job of telling me that the NBC interview was awesome and, still, click here to see if you can count how many times I say "um".

Oh well, I left there an even bigger fan of Chuck Scarborough. He makes his TV time look so effortless! (Plus no "ums".)

We live and we learn and we can say how we'll act when we're again "on the spot". In the future, no "ums" from me yet when I'm next in the interview "hot seat", who knows what might happen . . . . :)


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